Thursday, June 29, 2017

Etisalat Nigeria Introducing New Quick Cash Loans

Etisalat Nigeria Introducing New Package Offer Called Kwik cash, the New Kwikcash Loans package gives all Etisalat Subscribers access to short-term loans. This service enables you to get quick loans From N1000 to N10000 and it will be credited to your bank account instantly.
Etisalat Nigeria Introducing New  Kwik Cash Loans
Etisalat Nigeria Said the Quick cash is an option and works only for Only Etisalat subscribers. the new Quick cash will let you loan Real Money Directs to Your Bank Account without Too Much Stress but after getting the money to your bank account, you have to pay back your debt loans in 14days To Be able to request for More.

How to Loan Money With Etisalat Kwik Cash?
All Etisalat subscribers can now loan real money with their Mobile or Android phone, all you need to do is simply Dial *561# and Press 1 to select Kwik Cash, Then select a range of loan amounts you want, then confirm your Bank and enter your account number and you will gets Credited and then 770naira interest rate will be deducted as well on any Money you Loan from Them.

How To Pay Back Loan?
To pay back is also easy after 14days. just Dial *561# on your mobile or Android phone again then click on Pay Loan, that's all. The money will be deducted from your bank account Instantly. you can also check your outstanding Loan balance at Anytime with the same code. 

If you fail to pay back your debts after 14days of the Loan, Etisalat will add another 14days and you will have to pay double Of your Interest Rate. This Service works for Eligible Etisalat Subscribers only.

Guys, what did you think Etisalat Nigeria is trying to do, are they really helping us or what? Kindly Drop Your Comment Below.
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  1. they are not helping us at all.their data is too much i think they want to use this opportunity to pay thier debts.

  2. As For me oo. Etisalat is really trying and i Believe That they are helping us

  3. That's criminalism, they owning the fedral government, including some banks... They find ways to make money by all means... The interest is too high.. it's not in any way helping abegi

    1. Exactly, Etisalat na big thief

  4. Etisalat is very wise and they know what they're doing.