Thursday, June 1, 2017

Reverse Movie FX Allow You To Trick Your Friends With Magic.

This is a very useful Android app that will let you easily Create and reverse any video on your Android Phone and Make it look like a magic trick.The Reverse Movie FX  Magic App Let You throw some objects and make them look like they were thrown while recording the video which makes it a little bit more fun
Reverse Movie FX Allow You To Trick Your Friends With Magic.
The Reverse Movie Fx Reverse also allow you to do a lot of Magic Tricks. For Example When you create a Video by Throwing something away from your hand, When Using The App You can Easily Reverse The Thing Back Easily and Come Back to Your Hand. But it depends on how good you are in editing. 

Features Of Reverse Movie Fx Magic
➤item kinetic attraction (you have to throw an item)
➤tear a sheet of paper and Reverse it Back
➤throwing a sheet of papers to the toilet and Reverse it Back
➤drinking a juice (and spitting it out as a result)
➤spilling a juice
➤money attracting

Where to Download Reverse Movie Fx Magic App
The Movie Fx Magic App is Now Available on ➤Google Play store Just Download The app. Record any Video and Start Using Magic Trick By Reversing Any Of Your Video and Enjoy
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